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SmudgeArt Card Shop Announces a NEW Collection of Cards for Patients in Hospice Care.

November 19th, 2013

 SmudgeArt Card Shop Announces a NEW Collection of Cards for Patients in Hospice Care.

SmudgeArt Card Shop at Greeting Card Universe offers 1,500 new greeting cards for “final good-bye” from “terminally ill patients” to family and loved ones.
To Support terminally ill patients, SmudgeArt Card Shop at Greeting Card Universe announces a new collection of cards for patients in hospice care.
Terminally ill patients now have the option of words and sentiments to say a “final good-bye” within an easy to find greeting card.
Inspired by a discussion some months before with friends concerning the lack of such cards during the time that a loved one was dying, Madeline M Allen / SmudgeArt Card Shop’s owner, Poet and Graphic Artist began to create the artwork that would be used for the cards in early January 2013.
After thinking out the commitment to this, Madeline sent an email to Mindy Rosso, Administrator Community Manager at Greeting Card Universe asking her thoughts on this idea.
She received a reply from Mindy saying, “She was excited with the news and it was perfect timing.” Mindy enclosed a linked article that she had received; it was a plea from Regina Holliday, who publicly petitioned Hallmark to create a collection of Hospice / End of Life greeting cards.
Inspiring and perfect timing, it was indeed! Madeline began designing the new series collection of greeting cards from the newly created artworks for her SmudgeArt Card Shop’s “final goodbyes from terminally patients”...
...Found at this link at Greeting Card

SmudgeArt Card Shop is the largest individual shop at Greeting Card Universe, the world’s largest online greeting card store.
SmudgeArt Card Shop was created: September 25, 2008. Within her shop you will find 31,000+ greeting cards for all occasions, holidays and now is Announcing its newest collection of hard to find cards for terminally ill patients allowing them another outlet to voice to love-ones the words and sentiments needed to say a “final goodbye” at a time of great sadness.
“Hospice patients need to say their final goodbye to their family and friends,” says Madeline M. Allen.
They need to say that “they loved their lives with them and they will always be in their heart and soul, never to be forgotten, and that they are okay and at Peace in letting go.” They want to let their loved ones know they’re loved and that they don't want to leave them, nor do they want to say goodbye, but they do need to tell them that final “Goodbye”.
For most people coping with dying is too difficult. Fear of upsetting loved ones or saying the wrong thing, they are many times at a loss for words, so say nothing at all at a time when any words would mean so much to the grieving families and loved ones.”

The New Year, 2013 came with ... an inspiration to market and sell the new line of 70 pieces of Contemporary Art she created, and to put them into use in the marketplace as Hospice Cards to start with. “Beautiful artwork deserves a beautiful use.” What would be more fitting than the “Final Goodbye” says Madeline.

• I now have 40 new designs on the market for the public with over 1,500 relationship specific cards filling the categories and sub-categories needed.
• These are cards you would maybe want to add to your Last Will and Testament documents. Your cards can be signed ahead of time with a clear mind and made ready to be received and read when needed, lessening the stress of your final goodbye.
• Inside verse can be changed to your own wording if you wish; you can choose your cards from the list of Immediate Family, Grand-Family, God-Family, Step-Family and In-Laws etc. They are amongst a few of our many sub-categories. Our SmudgeArt Card Shop is now fully stocked with well over 1,500 assorted cards for the terminally ill / final goodbye category, “occasions/goodbyefarewell/hospiceendoflifefinalgoodbye/fromterminallyill”, with new designs being added weekly.
• We also offer - Custom Cards / add your text or photo into the cards, in many art print choices and verses where you can personalize any front cover and / or inner text to suit your need.
• NEW OPPORTUNITIES! Supporting our terminally ill hospice patients. Hospital gift shops and small specialty shops; you won’t want to miss carrying this new line of much needed cards in our communities.

We asked SmudgeArt Gallery owner Madeline M Allen, “Where would you like to see this new line of cards go?”

She says, the new line in greeting cards for the terminally ill / final goodbye should be on every wheelchair accessible shelf in all of our community stores & card shops. “Not only for”, but most importantly for the dying. Our personal focus can also be prepared, and we can deal with this duty we feel to our love ones also before a critical time occurs, with the help of these greeting cards to inspire us.
Cards for terminally ill patients are extremely hard to find. How many shops will step up and stock this line? ...In doing so you would allow the terminally ill another outlet to voice to love-ones the words and sentiments to say in a “final goodbye”.

This is the newly reported commodity now in demand and ready to print!
If you wish to carry this line of cards, the link information is enclosed below for you to ORDER. or SmudgeArt Card Shop

We would like to thank you, one and all for your giving us the honour of helping you, in your time of need, support and / or preparedness.

Blessings! Madeline M Allen / SmudgeArt

Please feel free to contact me for personal card design requests.
SmudgeArt Card Shop / Owner Madeline M Allen / SmudgeArt

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